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Turkey's First and Largest Brand Aggregator & E-commerce Marketplaces Enabler Company WORLDWIDE MARKETPLACE BUSINESS (B2B2C)

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The ultimate online B2B portal selling Turkish brands onto B2B Sales channels with an innovative E-Export model. WORLDWIDE ONLINE WHOLESALE BUSINESS ( B2B )

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The online shop millions trust since 1999.

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Biggrewards brings a fres air to rewarding by over 850 brands and more than 25,000 products in 30 main categories. WORLDWIDE REWARDS BUSINESS

E-Commerce &


A GLOBAL E-Commerce & Rewards Company


Biggbrands, established in 1999, is a global E-Commerce and Rewards group with its own offices and logistics warehouses in TURKEY, MENA, EU and USA in the cities of

• Istanbul
• Dubai
• Riyadh
• Cologne
• New York

Biggbrands lists and sells Turkish products on 45+ B2C marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Wish, Ebay, Zalando, Noon, Ozon, Carrefour, Jumia, Wildberries and on 12+ B2B marketplaces such as Faire, Range Me, Ankorstore, Tradeling, Order Champ, Salehoo with a proprietary integration software that connects the aggregated main product database to all global marketplaces seamlessly.

Some of the 110+ leading Turkish brands developed and offered on global marketplaces are Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi, Hacı Bekir, ABC, Paşabahçe, Kütahya Porselen, Hunca, Lider Cosmetics, Otacı, Cipsaş, Nish Coffee, Mısırlı, Mara, Soli, etc. Biggbrands has also 9 brands of its own: Biggdesign, Serenk, Any Morning, Anemoss, Milk&Moo, Ogi Mogi, Oilwise, Milavanda and Moodix.


Biggloyalty is one of the leading global Rewards Fulfillment companies in the world targeting 3 main client groups:

• Customer Loyalty Programs, targeting end users.
• Employee Recognition and Incentive Programs for employees.
• Business Partner Incentive Programmes for distributors, dealers, agencies and sales points.

Biggloyalty presents 4 proprietary loyalty softwares for them:

• Biggclub for Business Partner groups.
• Biggstars for Employees.
• Biggymobile for End users.
• Biggrewards for Global Rewards


BIGGLOYALTY is one of the leading LOYALTY & REWARDS company in the world offering customised:

- Incentive & rewarding platforms for employees
- Engagement oriented loyalty programmes for distributors, dealers & agencies
- Customer loyalty programmes for consumers

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The Global Employee Incentive & Social Recognition Platform

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The Engagement & Content & Campaign Management Platform

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Loyalty & Rewards
For End Users On Mobile Platforms

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A Very Rich Global Rewards Portal

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Turkey's First and Largest E-Export, Marketplaces & Brand Aggregator Company

- BIGGBRANDS buys and develops your brands.
- BIGGBRANDS distributes products.
- BIGGBRANDS grows brands on global marketplaces.

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The trusted hub of the E-COMMERCE since 1999

A rich collection of products by with 900 + POPULAR BRANDS ranging from MOBILE PHONES to WHITE GOODS, from DOMESTIC APPLIANCES to MOTHER&BABY products.

- All goods from the stocks
- The same day delivery
- Buy now, pay later feature
- Secure shopping
- Boutique Customer Service

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The leading company for Brand Merchandise and Promotional products in Turkey.

- More than 5.000 different SKU's, all in stocks.
- Products with your logo on.

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Biggbrands B2B

BIGGBRANDS owns an online B2B portal called www.biggbrandsb2b.com that sells Turkish brands‘ products to the B2B Sales channels with an innovative E-Export model. The system allows Wholesale Buyers to place orders even on a carton basis.

The product collection is very rich ranging from FMCG to FOOD, from COSMETICS and DETERGENTS to GENERAL MERCHANDISE. Directly from local producers, all products come in very competitive prices.

The entire process of exporting is handled by Biggbrands Export team all the way to the doorsteps of the B2B buyers.

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